Employers and employees remain satisfied with BeFrank

Published: 29 June 2022
Last March we asked employers and employees about their satisfaction with our services. We are proud to say that both employers and employees remain satisfied! For employers, the average score even went up to 8.1. Employees gave our services a rating of 7.3 again this year. Half the respondents even gave us an 8 or higher.

Summary of employee results:

Friendly, clear and transparent

Employees remain positive about the quality of our services. The friendly, transparent communication and the clear personal pension page ensure a positive image and trust.

App and personal pension page most favoured

This year, employees are again most enthusiastic about the personal pension page and the mobile app, which give them clear insight into their pension. Our simple information provides them with sufficient insight into their pension.

Matching personal interests and stage of life

As a point for improvement, employees indicate that we could tailor our services even more to their personal interests and stage of life. We have already taken steps in this direction. For the 55+ target group, we have recently greatly improved the information about retirement. The employee is taken through this process step by step on their personal pension page. Because of the turmoil in the financial markets, we have noticed that this target group has a strong need for an explanation of how the matching funds work. We have therefore created a special video (in Dutch) on this subject and placed a page with additional explanations about matching funds.

Young people have different needs from older workers when it comes to pensions. Although they feel that BeFrank’s friendly and clear communication speaks to them, they indicate that the issue of a pension is still too far in the future for them. We see that this group is lagging behind in making choices for their pension. We believe it is important that participants choose the investment risk that suits them. And that they complete the Profile Selector. We see that young people under 35 in particular are lagging behind in this regard. We are therefore launching a campaign in the summer to encourage young people to select their investment profile.

We hope that these points for improvement will raise our service to an even higher level. And naturally we remain committed to bringing pensions close to all our participants.

Summary of employer results:

Employers very satisfied with knowledge and expertise

Employers perceive BeFrank to be a reliable partner. The smooth service combined with clear, transparent communication give BeFrank a very positive image. This year employers once again indicated that BeFrank is easy to contact for questions. And they find it easy to arrange pension matters. Almost all the employers are very satisfied with the knowledge and expertise of their pension coach or account manager.

More information about legislation

Employers appreciate the simplicity and transparency offered by BeFrank. But employers indicate that there is a need for more explanation of laws and regulations. Especially in the transition to the new pensions system. In order to show the impact of the new pension rules clearly and simply, we have developed the BeFrank Selection Tool. And we have brought together all our information about the new system at

Carbon-neutral pension scheme

Our sustainable investment policy is well known to employers and is appreciated. But BeFrank’s carbon-neutral pension scheme is less well known, which is why we will soon be launching a Sustainability Impact Dashboard on the employer portal. This provides insight into the pension scheme’s carbon footprint. Employers can see what the residual emissions of the pension scheme are and how these can be offset. If you would like to know what the possibilities are for your pension scheme now, you can read more about the carbon-neutral pension scheme on our website, or contact your contact person.

We are constantly improving our services

The insights from this survey, as well as interim feedback, help us to constantly improve our services. If you would like to tell us something, please let us know through your contact person. We truly appreciate it.