The five different risk profiles in a row

At BeFrank we invest your pension capital. We do this together with our investment specialists, using the lifecycle method. This means achieving returns when you are young and security as you get older. At BeFrank, you choose how much risk you want to take with your investments. Want to find out how to do this and what suits you best? Let us explain.

A standard investment risk was set for you at the start of your pension scheme. This is the standard investment risk that your employer has set for all its employees. But is this the right risk for you? We realise that some people would rather not take the same level of risk with their pension. At BeFrank, you can therefore choose from five different risk profiles. But what do these risk profiles mean exactly? You can read more about it here.

1. Very defensive investment

Do you like security and want to take as little risk as possible? Then very defensive investment would suit you well. In the very defensive risk profile, you invest with as little risk as possible. This minimises the dip if the stock market falls. But your return is also lower when the market is doing well. So your value remains more or less the same.

2. Defensive investment

With the defensive risk profile, you prefer to take a little less risk. This limits the damage in the event of a dip in the market. But the return is not optimal when things are going well. A different risk level is appropriate for each period in your life. Maybe you will be starting the reduction of your investment risk in a few years’ time. With the defensive risk profiles, you start reducing the investment risk earlier than in the profiles with more risk.

3. Neutral investment

This is the average risk profile. If you choose to invest neutrally, you are investing with not too much risk, but also not with very little. This means you make a bit of a return when the market is positive. And a bit of a loss in a negative market. Meaning your pension capital remains fairly balanced.

4. Offensive investment

Are you willing take a risk? And can you still make up for a setback? Then the offensive risk profile might suit you. You get returns when the market is doing well. But you are also aware of a setback when things are not going so well. Your personal situation fits this profile if you still have enough time to build up your pension. Or if you have accrued a pension elsewhere.

5. Very offensive investment

Want to make as much profit as possible when the market is doing well? And can you take a knock if things get tough? Then very offensive investment is a risk profile that suits you. Maybe you are still young and have enough time to make up for a dip in the market. Or maybe your pension fund at BeFrank is a nice extra and you have something in reserve on another account?

Choose the investment risk that suits you!

The choice is entirely up to you. Check today how much risk you are willing to take. Our handy Profile Selector helps you determine an appropriate investment risk. What’s stopping you?

Tip: Check your investment risk once in a while

We understand that you do not always want to take the same amount of risk. If something changes in your life, a different risk level might be appropriate. For example, if you get married, have children, change jobs or start working less. If something changes in your life, check whether your investment risk still suits you.