At what age do you hope to retire?

For most people, the State Pension Age is later than the pension age specified in the pension scheme. If you want a good pension, it’s wise to shift the wind-down point to your expected State Pension Age. That way, your pension accrual will be better aligned to your personal situation. We call this ‘age styling’.

Assess the impact

You can adjust your preferred age in a few simple steps on your personal pension page. Want to retire early or continue working for longer? You can see the impact on your predicted pension benefits straight away. You can also set your own final age. However, there are rules governing this. 

Nothing is set in stone

Whatever retirement age you enter, you can always change your decision. Good to know: once you’ve decided when you want to retire, we want to hear about it six months in advance. That way, we have time to put all the arrangements in place for you. 

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