Why did your employer opt for a BeFrank pension scheme?

Your employer has opted for a BeFrank pension scheme. A wise move, because it gives you lots of advantages.

Freedom to make your own decisions

Your pension is personal, so you want to make your own decisions. With us, that’s not a problem. We invest your pension contributions in a way that suits you. That way, you stay in control.

You decide how much risk you want to take. When making that decision, you can choose between five different risk profiles. You can use the Profile Selector to check which risk profile is matches your situation.

You can also decide how we invest your pension capital. You can choose between three forms of investment: Active, Passive and Sustainable. Whichever form you choose, you can rest assured that we invest in honest companies. Depending on the decisions your employer has made, you can also opt for DIY investing.

If you want to accrue more pension, most schemes allow you to make extra pension contributions.

Your pension information: anytime, anywhere

With BeFrank, you have easy access to your pension information wherever and whenever you want. Your personal pension page provides all the information you need to know about your pension. 24/7, always up to date.

You can also open your personal pension page through the useful ‘My Pension’ app in a few simple steps. One clear summary shows you how your investments are doing and your expected pension benefits. No paper, no hassle.

100% of your contributions go towards your pension

You make pension contributions for your retirement. That’s why we invest all the contributions you make. We’re also open to both you and your employer about the costs. If we incur costs for investment transactions, we will charge them separately and keep you informed. That way, you know exactly where you stand.

We make pensions understandable

At BeFrank, it’s important to us that you understand how your pension works. After all, it’s your future that’s at stake. We do our best to explain everything as clearly as possible and keep everything easy to arrange for you. Our mission is to bring pensions closer to the people, and we really do mean that.

Something still unclear? Got tips for how we can improve our services? Let us know. We have an enthusiastic, dedicated team. No hold music with us: we go for human service.

Your pension capital is invested fairly

It’s all in the name: we’re honest, open and sincere. We therefore invest your pension capital as sustainable as possible. And did you know the CO2 emissions of the investments can be compensated at BeFrank?