BeFrank Selection Tool nominated for Pension Pro Award 2022

22 September 2022


What a great recognition: the BeFrank Selection Tool has been nominated for the Pension Pro Award in the ‘Communication’ category. With our Selection Tool, employers get an indication of the impact of the new pension system on the pension scheme at a glance.

We not only clarify the financial impact for the organisation, we also show what the impact is for the employee. How does it work? Check it out in one minute:

Every year, the Pension Pro Awards are presented to outstanding pension professionals. The winners will be announced on Tuesday, 4 October 2022.

Since its introduction last June, the Selection Tool has been viewed many times. We also give regular demos on the Selection Tool. The feedback we’ve been getting on the tool has been very positive:

‘Now I can have a conversation with my chief financial officer to see what is ahead of us financially’
‘You are the first party we’ve seen that is approaching this from the employer’s point of view’
‘Clearly shows the impact in the download per participant’

At BeFrank we make pensions easy
The new pensions system requires all pension schemes in the Netherlands to be adjusted. With the BeFrank Selection Tool, we explain clearly and simply the choices our customers have to make. And we immediately show the effect of these choices. Employers can use the tool together with their advisors to make the right choices for their future pension scheme. This way we help both the employer and the advisor. We are proud to receive so much positive feedback from our customers. The nomination for the Pension Pro Award is further recognition that we really do make pensions easy.

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