BeFrank customers can now conveniently choose the highest pension benefit themselves

5 March 2015


Employees accruing pension in a group scheme with BeFrank can now simply compare the amount of pension benefit offered by various providers. This service is provided by BeFrank and operated by the independent advisor Apple Tree.

With BeFrank, employees coordinate their pension investments online. When they retire, they use the accrued pension capital to purchase a pension benefit from a pension insurer. They have a choice of several providers. Making a good comparison is important, because the offering and the conditions applying at each insurer may vary considerably. Customers can now seek offerings of various pension insurers via their personal pension page at BeFrank. They can compare and request a quotation directly at the pension insurer of their choice.

BeFrank deals with the accrual phase of pension and not the payment phase. BeFrank is offering this new service in cooperation with the independent advisor Apple Tree for customers who do not yet have their own financial advisor. Apple Tree can help customers when making a selection and can also intermediate on their behalf. This service is part of BeFrank’s mission to get members actively involved in their own pension. BeFrank thus strives to bring the issue of pension closer to people.

About Apple Tree

Apple Tree is an independent advisor and a specialist in the field of maturing pensions and annuity capital. It is based in Amsterdam and has been involved in this market for over fifteen years. Apple Tree’s mission includes making pensioners aware of the possibility of comparing the rates of various pension insurers. Apple Tree thus has a supporting role and provides advice, intermediation and guidance to pensioners so that they can obtain the highest possible pension benefit.

About BeFrank

BeFrank is a modern pension provider that has been active in the market for group pensions since 2011. BeFrank offers a straightforward pension, clear communication, online service provision and low costs. It was the first Premium Pension Institution (PPI) in the Netherlands and is part of the Delta Lloyd Group. BeFrank’s customers range from SMEs to international listed companies.