BeFrank and The North Sea Foundation enter into partnership

14 October 2021


We must put a stop to waste on the North Sea beach! 93% of the waste found on the beach consists of plastic, often from domestic use and non-sustainable consumption. Online pension administrator BeFrank and The North Sea Foundation are entering into a partnership to encourage the Dutch to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and in this way make the North Sea coast plastic-free. BeFrank donates an amount released from the cancellation of ‘very small pensions’ and deploys communication and awareness campaigns.

“BeFrank believes in a sustainable future. This is why we invest the pension capital as much as possible in a sustainable way. A better environment also starts with you, with a sustainable lifestyle. In the Netherlands, we have 353 kilometres of North Sea coastline where we all want to enjoy recreation. If the Dutch realise how much waste they produce – and how they dispose of it – this will be a first step towards a cleaner beach and a cleaner sea. Like pensions, it is about the longer term. The choices you make now have an impact on the future,” says managing director Sebastiaan van den Dries.

Combination of knowledge and outreach
For 40 years, The North Sea Foundation has been committed to the protection and sustainable use of the North Sea. Albert Jaap van Santbrink, director of The North Sea Foundation: “The report that we published at the beginning of this year shows that the volume of, among other things, plastic bags and balloon debris on the beach has decreased significantly. This is partly due to policies such as the new European directive, which bans plastic items such as cotton swabs, disposable cutlery, and straws. But that is not enough. With BeFrank’s support, The North Sea Foundation can continue our fight against waste in the sea and ensure a clean and healthy North Sea together.  BeFrank will use its channels to make people aware of the plastic waste that ends up from households via the rivers in the sea every year.”

Pensions of less than €2 per year are cancelled
As from 1 January 2019, very small pensions of less than €2 gross per year will expire. This is because the administrative fees for these very small pensions are relatively high. BeFrank chooses to donate the sum of these pension assets to a good cause.

About BeFrank
BeFrank has been active in the collective pension market since 2011 and is the first Premium Pension Institution (PPI) in the Netherlands. BeFrank offers online pension services, clear communication and innovative services. It is a subsidiary of the NN Group.

About The North Sea Foundation
For 40 years, The North Sea Foundation has been the leading organisation when it comes to the protection and sustainable use of the North Sea. We focus on four goals: Space for nature, Clean sea, Sustainable food, and Nature-friendly energy. Together with others, we are working to solve the biggest environmental challenges in the North Sea.