Albron signs pension contract with BeFrank

29 April 2015


Tim Kraaier, CFO of Albron, signed a pension contract for his employees with BeFrank on Monday, 9 March 2015.

Tim Kraaier: “One of the reasons why Albron chose BeFrank is that we believe the way in which BeFrank communicates on the issue of pensions makes a definite contribution to taking responsibility for one’s income later on.”

About Albron

Albron is a food service organisation: a specialist in the on-site provision of food and drinks. This is not restricted to lunches in company restaurants, it can also mean an à la carte dinner at a bedside in hospital or for a fantastic evening out at the theatre. Its 4,200 enthusiastic employees welcome their guests on a daily basis at more than 800 locations in the Netherlands.
Albron’s distinguishing qualities include various concepts and hospitality, offering an experience that matches the wishes of its clients and guests. This is what Albron loves to do and does well, providing a meaningful extension of the product of its clients and thus adding value.