Pension declaration plan: connect in 3 steps

Does your customer want to connect to BeFrank’s pension declaration system? No problem – there are three steps involved. We explain each step below.

Step 1: Connecting to the pension declaration system

Together with your customer and the payroll software supplier, we check that your client can connect to our pension declaration system. We will also discuss from what point we start connecting and whether any changes need to be made to the payroll software supplier’s package.

We will also discuss the administrative side of your customer’s pension contract. Finally, we will make concrete agreements on the connection and next steps.

Step 2: Setting up the pension declaration system

The second step is to make sure the pension declaration system works. What happens next? First of all, we exchange some information. 

  • Your customer (or the salary party) will receive a summary of all the important parameters of the BeFrank pension scheme. This information is required in order to properly enter the pension declaration in the payroll software.
  • We need the following information from your customer:
    – the number of contracting firms;
    – the payroll taxes numbers;
    – the contact person for pension declarations within the organisation;
    – the income relationship numbers of all participants.

The payroll software supplier will process all the information in the software and we will process the pension declaration in our administration system. 

We will then test the connection between the payroll system and BeFrank, checking that all data has been transferred correctly. If everything works according to the agreed requirements and specifications, we will start transferring the changes through the pension declaration system. The general change form will no longer be used.

Step 3: Getting started with the pension declaration

The pension declaration process will now begin. Your customer needs to upload the pension declaration from the payroll system at the same time as the Payroll Tax form. Your customer needs to send both documents to us. 

We will then process the pension declaration automatically. If we’re unable to process the data, we’ll let you know and ask your customer to send a corrected declaration.

Any questions? Want to connect?

If your customer wants to connect our pension declaration system or you have questions about the pension declaration system, please contact one of our account managers.