Activation campaign launched among young people

13 July 2022


The arrival of the new pensions system makes activation even more important. We have a log-in percentage of 80% at BeFrank. But BeFrank sets the bar high and goes a step further: in addition to logging in, we also think it’s important that participants choose the investment risk that suits them. And that they complete the Profile Selector. We see that young people under 35 in particular are lagging behind in this regard. With our latest campaign we want to encourage young people to determine their investment profile.

Consciously choosing investment risk
One of these choices is to decide the investment risk that fits the employee’s attitude to risk. To determine their attitude to risk, employees go through the Profile Selector on their personal pension page. They can then choose a corresponding investment risk.

Fear of missing out
That is why we launched an activation campaign among employees aged between 21 and 35, one that utilises the power of self-persuasion and the fear of missing out. The campaign consists of a campaign on LinkedIn and an e-mail campaign. We will only send e-mails to employees in the target group who have not yet completed their Profile Selector.

The aim is to encourage young employees to complete the Profile Selector and make a considered choice when it comes to investment risk. It’s useful to know that they can deviate from the advice produced by the Profile Selector. At BeFrank, you choose the investment risk you want to take with your pension. If an employee does deviate, we then send them a message once a year to check whether the employee still agrees with their choice.