BeFrank’s culture

It is hard to summarise a culture in just a few words. It’s more something that you feel from close up. Our people do that. They carry our culture forward with their years of experience, knowledge and passion for pensions. They are our culture. Every single day.

Our cultural values

Still, let’s make an attempt to describe our culture. The following values say something about how we work together:

  • Courage
  • Decisiveness
  • Drive for innovation

The best service for our customers

For us, a customer-oriented approach is key to what we do. After all, our customers are the reason we exist. We can’t do without them. That’s why we work hard every single day to deliver the best products with the best service. 

We respond quickly. Whether you contact us by e-mail or by telephone, we will speak to you in person. With us, there’s no hold music – just human service. Our mission is always at the forefront of our minds: to make pensions as simple and understandable as possible. 

Who are our people?

BeFrank’s people are entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and committed. They have a lot of knowledge and a passion for pensions. They also understand how to help customers move forward, exceed expectations by going the extra mile and make pensions more accessible.

Making customers happy is what drives us. We do that by communicating clearly at all times. In the process, we make the world of pensions understandable for everyone and increase pension awareness in the Netherlands.

Innovation and improvement

We don’t shy away from innovation. In fact, we actually see innovation as an opportunity. We continuously innovate in order to stay up to date and ahead of the market. We give our customers exactly what they need, 

and we aim to improve our services every single day. That also means we listen to criticism. After all, we learn from our mistakes. We implement improvements at the earliest opportunity. In doing so, we remove the hassle for our customers and put smiles on their faces every single day.Want to find out more about our services? Or have a question or comment for BeFrank? Please feel free to contact us.