20 new years resolutions that are archievable to you

20 December 2018


We help you with a fresh start in January, start ticking off!

In the last days of the year always a nice subject for the lunch conversation: your new years resolutions. Perhaps you have already started, for example by eating healthier. Or do you join Dry January, which means no drinking the whole month of January. But also exercise more and do fun things more often. Making plans is always easier than persevering. So we are happy to help you. Here is a list where you can just start with a tick. Good luck and a succesfull 2019!

1. Drink more water, also when you are traveling or on you way.

2. Cleaning once a week, with a lot of brushing you also burn calories.

3. Every day 10,000 steps, on your Iphone you can easily keep track of this.

4. An hour less screen time a day.

5. Cycle to work more often or walk once!

6. Try a new creative hobby.

7. Mark off something from your bucket list. Challenge yourself with a sporting challenge too.

8. Make sure that there is always some raw food in the refrigerator in case you want a snack.

9. Wear sunscreen or cream daily with SPF.

10. A little less sugar in your coffee or tea each day.

11. More often reading a book, a different kind of effort/brainexcercise that leads to relaxation.

12. Organize your inbox, with clear to-do lists and no overdue e-mail. Result: relax in your head.

13. Spending less often impulsive money, for example, do a clothing detox once a month.

14. Lying in bed three times a week for ten o’clock in the evening.

15. Just send a postcard to someone, or get together spontaneously.

16. Stand less often on the scale. Let your fitness be leading, not your weight.

17. Stop standing eating, take your time and sit down.

18. Go on a weekend long walk with friends, you chat and are outdoors.

19. Always choose the stairs whenever possible.

20. Eat vegetarian at least once a week.

Finally: do not be too hard on yourself. Even if you can mark a few intentions, you are making progress!

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