CO2 offset

We invest employees’ pension capital in investment funds with relatively low CO2 emissions. Employers can also choose to offset the CO2 emissions from investments. We then plant new trees on depleted land.

Planting trees to offset CO2

How does tree planting work?

  • First of all, we calculate a customer’s carbon footprint using data from investment funds. 
  • Our partner Land Life Company applies a model to this process. 
  • Using the model, we work out how many trees are required in a given area to offset the CO2
  • Together with local people, Land Life Company plants the trees where they are urgently needed.

Employers and employees receive structural information about the planting results. Your pension capital thus makes a real impact.

Interested? Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to tell you more!

SRI on three levels (Socially responsible investing)

Our three lifecycles differ from each other in sustainability. The more sustainable the lifecycle, the more companies we exclude. And the stricter we are about that. Knowing more? How sustainably do you want your employees to build up pension?