Help logging in without DigiD or European login service (eIDAS)

Can’t log in with DigiD or a European login service (eIDAS)? 

If so, use a separate login method. This page explains how.

Want to use a separate login method without DigiD or eIDAS? Then you’ll need to complete a special application process. After that, you’ll get your own username and password.

Start the application process (Please note: application starts in Dutch. You can change setting to English)

If you have already completed the application process

You can log in below with your new username and password.

Log into your personal pension page

Old usernames and passwords are no longer valid

Currently, you can only log in this way if:

  • You can prove you couldn’t apply for DigiD or eIDAS.
  • You have completed the application process.

Can’t work out how to do it?

Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!