Help logging in without DigiD or European login service (eIDAS)

Can’t log in with DigiD or a European login service (eIDAS)? If so, use a separate login method. This page explains how.

Want to use a separate login method without DigiD or eIDAS? Then you’ll need to complete a special application process. After that, you’ll get your own username and password.

> Start the application process 

If you have already completed the application process, you can log in below with your new username and password.

> Log into your personal pension page 

NB: old usernames and passwords are no longer valid.

Currently, you can only log in this way if:

  • You can prove you couldn’t apply for DigiD or eIDAS.
  • You have completed the application process.

Can’t work out how to do it?

Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

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