Most asked questions

Pensions are quite complex and we can imagine that you have questions. We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you.


Unfortunately, value transfers are not settled overnight. They take a few months to be finalised. The reason for this is that your new pension administrator requires information from your previous pension administrators. 

If you have requested a value transfer and you want to know how it is progressing, you can find out on your personal pension page in a few simple steps.

It will only take you a few minutes. Afterwards, you can continue with what you were doing and you’ll have arranged your pension properly. Wonderful!

You don't need to do this. Our pension scheme has the 'undetermined partner system’. This means that a partner's and orphan's pension is always insured, whether or not you have a partner and/or children. 

At the time of your passing away, we request the details of any surviving dependants through the Personal Records Database (BRP). We use this information to pay out the partner's and/or orphan's pension.

At BeFrank, we invest your pension capital according to the lifecycle method. This means that we factor in a participant’s age by focusing on generating returns when they’re young. For these participants, there will be time to recoup any losses when the economy picks up again.

As your retirement age approaches, we will ensure that your final pension benefits remain as stable as possible. We will then focus less on generating returns. The value of the investments may still rise or fall, But the goal will be to make your final pension benefits as stable as possible.

No. Your occupational disability pension, waiver of contributions in the event of occupational disability and Anw survivor benefit shortfall pension components are all on a risk basis. When you leave your job, these insurance policies will expire. The partner's and orphan's pension will also stop. 

Yes, of course! We call this a value transfer. You can request it through your personal pension page. Go to ‘Submit change’ and click ‘Value transfer’. 

Once we have received the statement of value from your old pension administrator, we will send you a quote. You then decide whether you want to use the value transfer option

Transferring your pension is not always the wisest thing to do. If you want to know if it's the smart thing for you to do, contact a financial advisor. They will be able to tell you what is the most financially beneficial option in your situation.

No, the pension capital you have accrued will remain yours. We will continue investing that capital until you retire. The amount may therefore be higher or lower on your retirement date than on the date you leave your job. 

When you find a new job, you can transfer the value of your pension to your new employer. When you leave your employer, you will receive a letter from us clearly explaining all your options.

You can do this on your personal pension page in a few simple steps. On your dashboard, you will see a ‘Change personal details’ button under ‘Manage directly’. If there are any details you cannot change yourself, please let your employer know. They can notify us of the change. 

Always notify us any changes straight away. That way, you know for sure that you are receiving important information