What is the Uniform Calculation Methodology?

We use a standard calculation to give you an estimate of how much pension you will be able to buy with your accrued pension capital. To estimate what your pension capital can yield in terms of expected pension, we calculate how the economy will develop over time.

We use 2,000 different calculations for this. We take into account the development of equity returns, interest rate developments and price increases. De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) provides these calculations. We call this the Uniform Calculation Methodology (UCM). All pension administrators in the Netherlands have been working with this since 1 October 2019.

DNB publishes these estimates at the beginning of each quarter. The estimates are based on the advice of the Parameters Committee (CP2019).

Substantially lower amounts due to new estimates

With effect from 1 January 2021, DNB has adjusted the expectation for long-term interest rates downwards. The development of the interest rate determines the amount of your eventual pension. As a result of this reduction, the calculated scenario amounts are significantly lower.

Please note that this relates to your expected pension benefits. This does not reduce the value of your accumulated pension capital.

View your expected pension benefits

You can see your expected pension benefits on your personal pension page. You can also find more information about the calculations there. To do this, click on the question mark icon to the right of your pension indication. Use your indication to estimate whether you will have enough income later. Our income planner can help you with this.