Do It Yourself investment with own allocation

Published: 7 September 2021
Starting around the beginning of October 2021, BeFrank will offer a new manner of Do It Yourself investing: ‘Do It Yourself investing with own allocation.’ With this type of investing, Do It Yourself investors will choose what percentage of the premium will be automatically invested per fund. Changing the allocation is possible, of course, but it is not necessary to submit this information again after each premium contribution. This form of Do It Yourself investing is therefore much easier.

Do It Yourself investing where you make sales and buy orders yourself every month, will continue to exist.

Good to know

This option is only offered if Do It Yourself investment is included in your pension scheme.

Differences Do It Yourself investment

Have you included Do It Yourself investing in your pension scheme?

If so, we will automatically offer this new option on your employees’ personal pension page at the beginning of October. For Do It Yourself investing with own allocation, the same requirements apply as for regular Do It Yourself investing: your employee goes through the profile selector and passes our Do It Yourself investing knowledge test. BeFrank will inform your employees as soon as they can make use of this new option.

More information

Please contact your/a pension adviser or BeFrank at if you want more information.