Tips for a healthy barbecue

17 August 2021


We’re not exactly having a brilliant summer this year. But you can still fire up the barbecue, and with a jacket on you can still have a fun time in the garden. But how do we keep it a bit healthy and not stuff our faces? With these tips, you can feast healthily and guilt-free at any barbecue.

1. Be prepared
First all, prepare well. And we’re not talking about preparing the food, but preparing your stomach. Sitting down ravenous is bound to result in you eating half the basket of bread. Eat some healthy snacks beforehand or start with a salad before the barbecue dishes are ready.

2. Add fish
Fish and shellfish on the barbecue are very popular. They don’t make you feel so stuffed, and they’re tasty too. Preferably opt for salmon, plaice, tuna or trout. Wrapped in an aluminium foil parcel or in a fish basket. And how about crayfish? Delicious and you’re helping tackle the effects of their invasion a bit. The fish guide on will tell you which fish you can eat responsibly.

3. Go veggie
Vegetarian dishes will also do both your taste buds and your body a big favour. This portobello burger, for example. Also: peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, tomatoes and are all ideal for putting on a skewer to grill. Marinate the vegetables briefly in a little olive oil with some salt, pepper and garlic, and then pop them on the barbie. Sweetcorn also works well: rub some olive oil on the cob and add a pinch of salt and pepper. By the way, fruit is also delicious when it’s been over the hot coals.

4. Nice to meat you
Still prefer some meat? Barbecuing is pretty much like grilling: a lean method of preparation. Avoid calorie bombs like burgers, bacon patties and sausages and opt for organic meat. Luckily that leaves plenty of goodies like chicken, turkey or a steak. (and not 5 portions per person, please)

5. Nice dip
No barbeque is complete without a tasty dipping sauce, of course. You don’t need to abstain completely to have a healthy barbecue. Make a tasty yoghurt-based sauce, like these yoghurt dips. Good to know: red sauces (curry, ketchup) contain less fat than white sauces (mayonnaise). Sadly for peanut butter lovers, satay sauce makes you fat. Fortunately, there are alternatives!

Bon appétit and have lots of barbecue fun!

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