Winter workouts

27 December 2017


When it is wet, cold and windy outside, many people drop their portion of outdoor sports. A shame, because especially in winter, an hour of working out in the outdoors gives your body and mind that spark it needs. We give you three outdoor sports with tips on how to get you going.

Want to break a personal record? Go for a run when it is raining or snowing. Why? Because there is more oxygen in the air. Many runners start running fast paced right away, but especially in winter it is better to start with a ten minute jog. This way your muscles get the chance to warm up, reducing the chance of an injury.

This class is based on military exercises, this means a full body workout. You use all your muscles in this class, and that means muscle strain but also a lot of variety. Your workout varies from 30 sit ups and brick lifting to burpees until you fall down. Tip: wear a lot of layers because it is guaranteed you will get hot.

Mountain biking
As long as the forest paths are not to slippery, any weather condition is fine for mountain biking. Up the hill, or downhill. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water; in winter you will probably experience less thirst, but you will sweat either way. You will mostly lose fluids around your lungs.

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