Sports trends for 2019

10 April 2019


We’ll give you the lowdown on what’s trending in the world of sports and exercise in 2019.
Looks like we’ll be switching from HIIT to LIIT, workplace workouts will become even more popular, and hiking could become the country’s favourite form of physical activity.
Yes, 2019 looks set to be an exciting year when it comes to sports. See the Top 5 trends below.

From HIIT to LIIT. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) may have been the leading exercise trend in 2018, but it looks like it will be eclipsed this year by its polar opposite, LIIT (Low-Intensity Interval Training): slow movements, with a focus on the right technique. Unlike HIIT, LIIT is perfect for novices, anyone who’s just a wee bit out of shape, or those struggling with injuries. LIIT also works well as a recovery workout.

Even more wearables. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) conducts an annual survey into fitness trends worldwide. For the upcoming year, the College is predicting even more wearable gadgets, aka wearables. This includes items such as fitness trackers, heart-rate monitors, GPS devices and FitBits. These devices with monitoring capabilities are especially handy for outdoor sports lovers.

“A walk in nature walks the soul back home.” Hiking is so hot that even some celebrated fashion designers co-opted it into their collections. You could see puffer jackets, backpacks, hiking shoes and knapsacks featured prominently at virtually all the major shows this past season. Birkenstock-style sandals – now remarketed as ‘hiking sandals’ – have also made something of a comeback. You can go hiking anywhere, anytime, alone or with friends, and, while away on a sun holiday, in the early hours before the sun starts beating down.

Piloxing. This hybrid of Pilates, boxing and dancing was invented by the Swedish personal trainer Viveca Jensen. Practitioners train their strength, speed and agility by ‘air boxing’ with boxing gloves, while making dance movements that ensure flexibility, balance, fat burning and stamina. You burn between 800 to 1,000 calories per session. Keep rocking those abs!

Workplace workouts. Ending the workday with a boot camp session with your colleagues or starting out with a group workout in the morning, which might involve anything from a run, gymnastics class or fitness session with a personal trainer. Workplace workouts are gaining popularity, often facilitated by employers who are becoming increasingly aware that fit employees tend to take less sick leave, work more efficiently and are happier. It saves you time in the evening, and skipping out is not an option! There’s no better guarantee for sticking to your regimen. If your workplace does not offer this facility, there are also many personal trainers who will come to your home or office, and you and a group of your colleagues can hire one together, spLIITing the cost between you.

Looks like we’d better start gearing up for fitness this year!

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