Revamped Profile Selector to go live soon 

20 December 2023


BeFrank will launch the revamped Profile Selector in early 2024. We developed this tool together with Nationale-Nederlanden and tested it extensively based on new scientific insights. The revamped Profile Selector determines a participant’s risk profile even more accurately. This will allow us to guide our participants even better in making investment choices.

We periodically conduct a risk attitude survey. This is how we set the default risk profile for all our participants. Many employers adopt this standard. In many schemes, a participant may deviate from the default risk profile. And thus take more or less risk with their investments. The Profile Selector helps in making that choice. Participants easily determine their own risk profile using the online tool.

New insights, more accurate profile 

For a long time, it was common practice to determine risk attitudes using only textual multiple-choice questions. Scientific research shows that numerical methods help determine even more accurate profiles. Based on this insight, we designed a new questionnaire together with a multidisciplinary team. The result is a questionnaire with textual and numerical questions.

Checking risk profile activation

In the coming period, there will be a transition from the old to the revamped Profile Selector. In 2024, we will again activate participants to check their risk profile. This is to ensure that participants make choices that suit their personal circumstances. 

What will the participant notice?

Participants will notice little about the transition. They will find the Profile Selector in exactly the same place in their personal pension page or in the Pension App. The steps to make investment choices will not change either; only the questions and information in the Profile Selector will be changed.  

We keep innovating! 

We are very proud of our revamped Profile Selector. But we are also ambitious and continue to work on accuracy and ease of use. Of course, we will keep you updated on all improvements in the future.  

We will inform you as soon as the revamped Profile Selector is live.