Connecting to the BeFrank pension declaration system: how it works

Do you have a BeFrank pension scheme with more than 100 participants? As an employer, do you have to notify us of a lot of changes? If so, you may be able to connect to our pension declaration system. We explain the linking process below.

At BeFrank, you can link your payroll system to our pension administration system in a few simple steps. We call it the Uniform Pension Declaration (UPA). Your changes will then be processed automatically, saving you a lot of time.

How to connect

If the test shows that you can connect to our pension declaration system, we will start the linking process.

  • We start by scheduling a meeting with you. What does the process involve? What can you expect from us? What do we expect from you?
  • We then do two test runs. We take a look at the pension and payroll records we receive and whether they differ from our records. If there are any differences, we solve them straight away.
  • The initial phase of the process can take between one and three months. The reason is that you cannot send the Uniform Pension Declaration until the Payroll Tax form is complete and there are no more differences in the records.
  • After that, we will officially connect your organisation to our pension declaration system. Before that, you need to notify us of your employees’ changes in the employer portal.

Payroll parties

You can only connect to our UPA if you use payroll software supplied by one of the following parties:

  • AFAS
  • ADP
  • ADP Globalview
  • BCS
  • Emis/Pantheon
  • HR2day
  • Mercash
  • MySolutions
  • Nmbrs
  • Raet
  • SAP
  • SD Worx
  • ERP
  • Peple (formerly Payroll)

Is your payroll software not listed? 
You will not be able to connect to our pension declaration system. Good to know: every year, we add new payroll parties to the above list. This means you may be able to connect to our pension declaration system in the future.