The impact of sustainable investing

At BeFrank, we believe in a fair pension. That is why we practice sustainable investing to the greatest extent possible. With over 1,000 affiliated employers, we invest pension capital for more than 270,000 participants, making serious impact in 2021.

We saved 111 million kilograms of carbon emissions

This is comparable to the emissions generated by 1 billion kilometres driven, or 25.000 laps around the earth. That is how much carbon emissions we saved with all our investments in 2021.

… and 4,8 billion litres of water

If we look at the amount of water saved, we have saved 4,8 billion litres of water. If we translate this into the number of showers saved, we end up with 77 million showers. That’s 212.000 showers a day in 2021!

… and 191 million kilograms of waste

We also calculate the impact we make based on waste production. In 2021, the investments of all BeFrank participants saved 191 million kilograms of waste. This is equivalent to about 19 million full bin bags. That is a load of rubbish!

This is how we ensure a sustainable future together

Every pension contribution supports a sustainable future. We are proud that we have achieved this impact together with you and all participants.

But that is not all

To make an impact our asset managers also exercise the voting right at shareholder meetings and address companies about their behaviour and/or activities. In 2021, our asset managers will have done this more than 1,400 times with companies from developed countries. With this, we have made a serious impact in 2021.  The asset managers of our Active and Sustainable Lifecycle voted at the shareholders’ meeting at all the companies in which investments are made. In the Passive Lifecycle, our asset manager used this voting right at 90% of the companies. In addition, we actively engage in sustainability with companies. This means that we enter into discussions with the companies about their current and future plans.

Making even more impact with pensions

BeFrank practices sustainable investing to the greatest extent possible. We choose investment funds with relatively low carbon emissions. But we cannot completely prevent that carbon emissions are associated with the investments. That is why we offer the possibility to offset these emissions, to ensure that the pension scheme is completely carbon-neutral. To this end, we have already planted thousands of trees in recent years. If you are interested in a carbon-neutral pension scheme, contact us through your designated contact person. We will be happy to tell you more!

We have compiled this information for you with great care, you cannot derive any rights from it.