Current status of progress of the new Pensions Act

Last updated: 31 May 2023
The Future of Pensions Act (Dutch abbreviation: Wtp) has been passed in both the Second and the First Chamber. The new law will take effect on 1 July 2023. By 1 January 2028, all pension schemes in the Netherlands must comply with the Wtp. The new pensions system is intended to provide future-proof pensions that are better suited to the times we live in. On this page you can read about the current state of affairs regarding the Wtp. We update this page regularly.

The First and Second Chamber have agreed

The next step is for the King and Minister Schouten to sign the bill. The Act will come into force after publication in the Bulletin of Acts and Decrees.

Extension of the transition period

The Wtp states that employers have to convert their pension scheme before 1 January 2027. This transition period will be extended to 1 January 2028 at the latest.

What is changing in the pensions system?

BeFrank is ready to implement the new pension scheme as from 1 July 2023. But what exactly will change for employers and employees? Read more about the changes to the pensions system here.