Coronavirus impact

10 March 2020


The impact of the coronavirus is becoming increasingly clear. Precautionary steps are probably also being taken within your organisation. In order to make sure that you are fully informed we have set out the consequences of the coronavirus for the surviving dependants and occupational disability pension and the investment yields.

Payment in the event of death or occupational disability
The coronavirus has no consequences for the payment in the event of death or occupational disability. BeFrank has insured these risks with NN Leven or elipsLife. Both insurance companies continue to cover the consequences of death and occupational disability as a result of COVID-19.

Impact on investment yields
The coronavirus is causing disquiet in the financial markets. This is having an impact on investment yields in the short term. Stock market fluctuations are not uncommon – it’s part and parcel of investing. We invest the pension premium on the basis of the lifecycle method. That means that we take account of age by focusing on yield when a person is young. There is then enough time to make up interim fluctuations when the economy recovers again. As the retirement age approaches, we gradually invest with less risk. In that way we ensure that stock market developments have less impact on the final result.