BeFrank cleans up beach in IJmuiden

16 September 2022


With World Cleanup Day approaching, BeFrank employees got to work on the beach at IJmuiden. Together with the North Sea Foundation, over 23 kilos of rubbish was removed from the beach in a single afternoon.

Partners, children, dogs – everyone was welcome at the BeFrank Beach CleanUp in IJmuiden last Sunday afternoon. Both washed-up rubbish from the sea, such as pieces of fishing nets, and rubbish left in the dunes by recreationalists were cleaned up. There were also some special finds, such as ray and shark eggs.

“We think it is important to also contribute to a cleaner world,” says Jan Hein Rhebergen, director of BeFrank. “We do that with our products and services, for example by investing increasingly sustainably and offering a carbon-neutral pension scheme, but rolling up your own sleeves is also part of it.”

“Despite the beach being swept regularly, a lot of small rubbish was still found,” said Francine Hijmans, Manager of Partnerships and Communications at the North Sea Foundation. “People unfortunately still leave all sorts of things on the beach. That is why we also warmly welcome actions like this clean-up with BeFrank.”

About the collaboration with the North Sea Foundation
Online pension administrator BeFrank and the North Sea Foundation are entering into a partnership to encourage the Dutch to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and in this way make the North Sea coast plastic-free. BeFrank donates an amount released from the cancellation of ‘very small pensions’ and deploys communication and awareness campaigns.

About World Cleanup Day
World Cleanup Day is the largest annual clean-up event in the world, with 180 countries now participating, and the aim being to tackle litter. This year’s World Cleanup Day is on Saturday, September 17.